It’s becoming more and more challenging in today’s competitive world to gain brands, media and fans attention. If you are an athlete looking for good endorsement deals (and let’s face it, elite sport is a business so you need to get as many sponsors as you can to ensure you not only survive but also

Formula E are the most innovative and exciting new Motorsports series in the world. Their ambition is to be the most globally digitally-disruptive sporting series as they are constantly looking to drive innovation; from car technology to fan engagement. I spoke with Tom Halls, the guy responsible for all digital product development across the organisation;

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Hoje a minha opinião vem na pág. 42 do Público a propósito da transmissão de eventos desportivos através da Internet. Como refiro na peça, “É inevitável que o futuro modelo das transmissões de eventos desportivos passe pela Internet por dois motivos: primeiro, porque proporciona aos promotores um alcance muito maior e depois porque possibilita uma

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