“Digital Brand Activation at Sports Events” with Luca Massaro

Digisport Consultant Marcos Castro interviews Luca Massaro, Digisport expert and Managing Director of We Play and former Digital Product Manager and Analyst at Chelsea FC.

At We Play Luca has already worked with MoneyGram (ICC, PSG,Shalke 04), UEFA, Sportlobster, Fox Sports, Heineken, 888sport, INPLAY, amongst others.

As former Head of Social Media at Target Media Ltd Luca has worked with brands such as Samsung, Adobe, IBM, Konami and Universal Pictures.

During this hangout we have discussed:

1- Why sporting events are great ways to activate a brand’s digital presence;

2- The importance of building a great content marketing strategy;

3- How real-time marketing is changing the way in which we communicate ‘around’ events.

Luca Massaro
Website: http://www.weplay.co
Twitter: http://twitter.com/iamluca