The ham of David: brilliant guerrilla marketing?

Spanish Cup, Nov 30, Guijuelo vs Atlético de Madrid: David Nufrio, doctor of Guijuelo decides to go to the pitch and assist a player by using a medical bag similar to a… ham! It looks weird?

Well, it might look weird but the fact is that that happened and it was a brilliant move by David. The point, as he stated in his Instagram profile was: “If the players can have personalized boots, why can´t I have a personalized medical bag?”.

It happens that this ham is the product by which the region of Guijuelo is most known and this was already reflected on the equipaments of the players.

An outside of the box move that placed Guijuelo again in the map of the media and public attention. And don´t know about you but I look forward to taste Guijuelo ham next time I will go to Spain. Won´t you agree? 😉



Photo: Facebook page of CD Guijuelo